GODERICH, ONT. -- By mid-June, people should once again be able to drive along Goderich’s waterfront, now that work to harden the shoreline is nearly complete, but if you stop, you'll have to pay.

“It’s well over a million dollars. $1.3 million or maybe a bit more than that. But, the beach and the shoreline are stabilized. And that’s hopefully going to be done in three weeks, and then we’ll be able to let the traffic back in. The people of Goderich and visitors want to get their wheels back on this road,” says Goderich Mayor John Grace.

But those coming to visit Goderich’s waterfront, had better bring their wallets. Paid parking is coming to Goderich this summer.

“We are having meters. It’s how we’re going to operate that system that’s the question,” says Grace.

Similar to parking meters at Sauble Beach, ideas of $3/hour or $15/day have been floated for Goderich’s paid parking plan.

It would only last for the summer months, and may only be in place for weekends and holidays. All that’s still up for discussion.

“We’re going to manage the beach now. We have to. There are more and more people coming to use it. It is our greatest asset here in Goderich, and we have to take care of it,” says Grace.

Visitors to the beach Wednesday seemed to be on board with paid parking.

“You have to pay almost everywhere else you go, so as long it’s not too expensive, it makes sense,” says Gene McGee.

“Sometime visitors leave behind a bit of a mess, and the town has to pay someone to clean it up. Not everyone, but sometimes. So I think paid parking is a great idea,” says long-time Goderich resident Elgin Fisher.

A lot more work will be happening along Goderich’s shoreline this summer.

The lengthy and popular shoreline boardwalk will be done in stages, and probably won’t be done until September, says Grace. But, the fences along Goderich’s Main Beach will likely come down Friday, although the beach will remain closed due to the province’s emergency COVID-19 order.

“The boardwalk itself is going be an ongoing construction zone probably for the next three to four months. That will be fenced off, as they work along the shoreline. It will be all done by fall, but the road itself should be open in three weeks,” says Grace.