TILLSONBURG, ONT. -- Almost everything is in place to create minibus service in Oxford County, including Tillsonburg, Woodstock and even a connection to London.

The Oxford routes, which are the furthest along of three proposed regional transit plans around London, should begin operation on April 1, 2020.

The service, created by the Town of Tillsonburg and funded by the province for a three-year pilot project, will cost just over $1 million.

For Tillsonburg residents, currently limited to in-town routes, news of regional service is welcome.

Until now, Mathew Robinson says he’s had little choice but to ask family members for rides when he needed to leave the community.

Meanwhile Todd Smith, a father, tells CTV News the transit service could open doors for many.

“It could be useful for people when they are on Ontario Works, employment insurance or the Ontario Disability Support Network, especially people and families that don't have a lot of money."

The Woodstock route will run Monday to Friday, five times daily. The three other routes, to places including London and even Port Burwell will operate less frequently.

Beyond small communities, drop off points in larger cities are expected to be transit hubs and hospitals.

Fares have not been released, but other regional routes coming from Lambton, Middlesex and Elgin into London are expected to run between $5 and $20 depending on distance.