Police in Owen Sound are alerting residents that a black bear has been spotted in the city, though it has shown no signs of aggression.

People in the area of 10th Street East to 8th Street East are being advised to be aware, not to approach the animal and to keep pets and children out of the wooded area.

Officials say they've received two calls from people who spotted the bear on Tuesday morning.

Owen Sound police Insp. Stephen MacKinnon said in a statement, “The first call was received at 5:53 this morning after a citizen spotted a black bear crossing 6th Street East at the top of the hill near Bayview School. The second call came in at 11:24 this morning as another citizen saw a black bear near 8th Street “A” East and 5th Avenue East.”

Tracks were found by police near the school after the first call and officers spotted the bear after the second call.

It is believed that there is one bear in the area, and that it will likely try to find a way out of the city along the green belt areas.

However, a bear technician with the Ministry of Natural Resources has been called in.