A police officer in Owen Sound who was facing 48 counts under the Police Services Act has resigned.

Brian Follis has been suspended from his duties as a constable since June 2014 after an internal investigation into his conduct.

At the request of Owen Sound's police chief an external police service was brought in to conduct the investigation in Nov. 2013 following a complaint.

There were allegations that Follis, at the time an eight-year member of the force, was involved in a personal and sexual relationship with a victim in a criminal investigation in early 2013.

The investigation concluded with 15 Police Services Act counts being laid against Follis - including discreditable conduct, neglect of duty and insubordination - and his suspension from duty.

However, after additional information came to light there was a second investigation that led to an additional 33 counts against Follis under the Police Services Act.

Those charges were reportedly related to allegations that Follis accessed police records for purposes not related to his duties.

A hearing into the charges was scheduled to begin on Monday, but Owen Sound police say his resignation means there is no long any jurisdiction to proceed with the 48 charges.