LONDON, ONT. -- The Humane Society London & Middlesex (HSLM) has been swamped with a surrender of 88 cats from one owner.

The agency says the cats need vaccinations, medications, food, shelter and other procedures and they are hoping the public can help with some of the costs.

"Providing the surrendered cats with necessary medical treatment is the most critical need at this time," HSLM says in a news release.

The surrender of the felines was made Tuesday after the owner indicated the number of cats became overwhelming and unmanageable.

"Animals were kept in an indoor residential location as well as exterior retrofitted shelters," the humane society says.

"The responsible decision to surrender the animals came about through transparent conversations with the owner regarding the overall health and safety of the animals, as well as the resources required to continue sheltering and caring for the large volume of cats.

"The felines, varying in age and health conditions, were transported from the property to HSLM Shelter in two rented trucks, multiple carriers and supported by a team of 39 HSLM staff and volunteers."

HSLM says the cats were triaged upon arrival at the shelter with each animal undergoing a physical exam. The cats with no emergency conditions received vaccinations, medications and were dewormed.

"Their new kennels were equipped with Feliway to mimic F3 facial pheromones to create a sense of safety as well as fresh blankets donated by HSLM supporters," the humane society says.

The agency shelters an average of 215 animals daily.

"With this vast intake volume, HSLM has increased staff and volunteer hours to ensure that all animals are getting the care they need. HSLM is not government funded and relies solely on donations from individuals and corporations. Donations made to HSLM will aid in providing these animals with the initial and ongoing treatment that they need."

More information about donating or the work of HSLM can be found here.