TORONTO - Ontario Opposition leaders are calling measures announced in the Ontario throne speech as either destructive or of no use to ordinary people.

N-D-P leader Andrea Horwath panned yesterday's speech, saying it will do little for regular Ontarians.

She says the Progressive Conservatives are going to drag the province down in a race to the bottom.

Interim Liberal leader John Fraser was critical of the Tory's plan to eliminate the cap-and-trade system.

He says "You can't just come in with a wrecking ball and take something down and then not build."

The Tories vowed to bring in sweeping changes meant to restore public trust in the province in a speech that played up promises made by Premier Doug Ford during the spring election campaign.

The speech, read by Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, set out a road map for the majority Tory government's term, pledging to cut taxes, provide long-term funding for the health-care system and slash government waste.

It also cancels the Liberal sex ed curriculum until it can be replaced with something else.