Ontario Provincial Police is warning the public about potential scammers posing as paving and roofing companies.

OPP are reporting an increase in the number of calls about unfinished or poor quality paving jobs from door-to-door salespeople. Police say this is a familiar scam that can cost victims thousands of dollars.

However, police say there are some simple things people can do to prevent themselves from falling victim to these scams. This includes:

  • Always getting a minimum of three quotes on any project around the house.
  • Never signing a contract without checking the credibility of the company or person offering the work.
  • Never sign a contract without consulting a trusted family member, friend or neighbour.
  • Never fully open or unlock your door to anyone you don’t know. 
  • Report suspicious people or activity.

All in all, police say don’t be intimidated by these individuals and to take the time investigate what they’re offering if you’re interested.