LONDON, ONT. -- The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) released a video on their social media Sunday evening showing a scene in Caledonia where there have been renewed tensions surrounding an Indigenous land dispute.

The video runs just over a minute in length, and is accompanied by a statement from the OPP saying protesters have "falsely blamed police for the escalation in Caledonia."

In the video, two people are seen approaching the vehicle vandalizing it by throwing a lacrosse stick, and a rock at the windshield.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt confirmed they have identified the person with the lacrosse stick, and he will be facing charges. Schmidt adds they are working to identify the other person in the camouflage clothing. 

In a statement, OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique says, officers took "a professional and measured response to keep the peace and preserve life while under attack", adding, "arrests continue as members take responsible and sustained enforcement approach."

While attempting to arrest those involved, OPP say they were targeted by additional protestors.

The Commissioner said one protestor continued to throw pieces of lumber at police, who responded by firing a single round of a rubber, non-lethal projectile, which struck the demonstrator in the leg and caused him to flee.

Police say another officer deployed a conducted energy weapon also known as a Taser in order to control an aggressive subject, however this was ineffective due to heavy clothing.