WINDSOR, ONT. -- Before staying cool this summer by heading out to the water, the Ontario Provincial Police are reminding residents to keep safety in mind.

In recognition of Water Safety Week the OPP is sharing videos with tips to stay safe and be prepared when out on the water.

“Always, always wear your PDF (personal floatation device) or your life jacket. You are required to have it with your vessel. Whether that be a kayak, a motor boat, a sea-doo, but you must, must always wear it,” constable Jamie Stanley of the Huron OPP says in one of the videos.

Stanley says more than 85 per cent of victims who have passed away in boating-related incidents were not wearing a PFD or life jacket.

“It’s for your own safety, we’ve seen too many preventable deaths on our water over the years,” he says.

Another video goes over preparing your boat to get you where you need to be safely such as securing it to the trailer properly, ensuring the appropriate safety equipment is onboard and ensuring your boat is serviced before going out onto the water.