LONDON, ONT. -- It was a scene right out of a sit-com.

A Perth County OPP officer helped deliver a baby at the side of the road over the weekend.

Just before 4 a.m. Saturday, OPP Cst. Leslie Timmermans pulled over a speeding vehicle on Perth Road 119.

It turned out the reason why the driver was in such a hurry was a baby was about to be born.

Shortly after Cst. Timmermans began to escort the vehicle to the hospital, it pulled over again to the side of the road.

Clearly, someone couldn't wait for the doctor and Cst. Timmermans helped deliver a baby boy.

"As police officers, we never know what our next call will be. I am sure PC Timmermans never thought she would be delivering a baby during her next traffic stop. What a wonderful story!" said Perth County OPP Inspector Rob Scott in a news release.

Mother and baby are both doing fine, with a memorable story that will be told for many years to come.