LONDON, ONT. -- Oxford County OPP were called after a concerned citizen saw a young child in pajamas wandering on Stover Street in Norwich early Wednesday morning.

Just before 3 a.m., officers who responded to the call determined the four-year-old child was in good health with no injuries.

Upon reuniting the child with their caregiver, it was found that the child left the home through a window on the ground floor of the residence.

OPP suggest the following safety tips to help children safe:

  • Keep all windows closed and secured when not in use
  • Make sure areas around windows are free of objects
  • Use a monitored device to detect movement
  • Install window guards, locks and/or double hung windows allowing ventilation at the top.

"The Oxford County OPP would like to thank the individual who contacted the police immediately. This is an exemplary illustration of community values. Thank you for caring and thank you for acting," said Inspector Anthony Hymers, Detachment Commander, Oxford County OPP in a statement.