The Middlesex County OPP says a fire at a home on Cherryhill Road in Thames Centre on Tuesday afternoon was fatal.

A coroner is assisting in determining the cause of death, while the Fire Marshal and OPP are looking into the cause of the blaze.

Friends and neighbours rushed to the scene to try to help Elva Albright escape the blaze, but the fire was too intense.

Harry Vanden Nieuwelaar was working on his dairy farm when he says Elva's husband Roy Albright told him the house was on fire and his wife was inside.

He raced to the home but says "I looked in the kitchen, the kitchen was full of smoke. I went all through the basement first. Then I went outside to get some air, looked into the kitchen, hollered a couple of times, didn't hear nothing, didn't see nothing."

Joe Donnelly also rushed to the scene. He says the past few years have been difficult for the family.

"They lost their first house to fire and they lost a daughter to cancer, Penny, and now they've lost a second house."

The OPP haven't confirmed the woman's identity and members of the Albright family at the scene were too distraught to speak on camera.