LONDON, ONT. -- Operation Impact 2020, a campaign aimed at making Canada's roads the safest in the world, begins Friday.

The public awareness campaign promotes safe driving, preventing collisions, saving lives, and reducing injuries on our roads.

Beginning Friday and ending on October 12, police will focus on impaired driving, fatigue behind the wheel, aggressive and distracted driving, and driving without a seatbelt.

This year's theme is 'Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident', as it is suggested that collisions are generally the direct result of a conscious decision that a drive makes.

"It’s your choice to not consume cannabis or alcohol when you're planning on driving, your choice to not drive aggressively, your choice to not be distracted by your cell phone, and your choice to ensure you buckle up your seatbelt. These are deliberate choices we all have to make,” said Sergeant Sean Harding of the London Police Service Traffic Management Unit.

Harding wants drivers to make the right choices this holiday weekend.

About 2,000 Canadians are killed by motor vehicle collisions each year with 10,000 people seriously injured. Approximately 165,000 people are injured by collisions each year in this country.