The Ontario Civilian Police Commission has formally launched an investigation at the request of the London police board.

Vice-chair Michael Deeb is required to step down from his position during the investigation and any resulting hearing.

The requirement to step down is mandatory, but does not indicate any wrong-doing.

The board asked the commission on Thursday to look into allegations of harassment against Deeb by Najwa Zebian.

Deeb is also principal at Beal secondary school. Zebian is a teacher with the Thames Valley school board.

On Zebian's Facebook page she writes: "I have experienced forms of power abuse, gendered violence and financial abuse from Mr. Deeb."

Deeb pushed back through his lawyer Faisal Joseph.

Joseph said his client is considering legal action against Zebian.

"They do not have one scintilla of evidence, nor a formal complaint with respect to what has transpired between these two people," Joseph said.

He also said the school board undertook an investigation and Deeb continues to work as principal.

Zebian stands by her claims.

"As a person double my age, as a person who has very clear knowledge of our culture, our shared culture and as a person who acknowledged several times the kind of pressure he was puting me under. He was the one who had the responsibility to not start this from the beginning and not take advantage of it later,” she told CTV News Friday.