LONDON, Ont. - The president of the Ontario Medical Association has apologized for her comments that recreational cannabis is a "gateway drug" to harder substances.

Dr. Nadia Alam says she "misspoke" during an interview on CBC Radio earlier this week, in which she also said recreational cannabis can cause anxiety and withdrawal symptoms for people who become addicted.

"It can lead to the use of other, more serious drugs like crack cocaine," Alam said in the interview.

Several members of the medical community spoke out against her statements, and Alam wrote on Twitter that she apologizes for her comments.

"I apologize. I misspoke. Recreational cannabis is NOT a gateway drug. I thank my colleagues for correcting me," Alam tweeted.

 She also wrote that while recreational cannabis can still cause anxiety and lead to addiction, she doesn't think it will lead people to use harder substances.

 "I made a mistake. I apologized. I contacted CBC to set the record straight," she tweeted.