AYLMER, ONT. -- The Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office will remain on site through Wednesday evening, or longer, as a blaze at a town variety store is investigated.

The fire at the Total Convenience Variety broke out at about 5:30 this morning.

Alymer fire crews were able to extinguish the flames, but a cause could not be quickly determined.

Clive Hubbard, an investigator with the Ontario Fire Marshall’s office arrived on scene late this afternoon.

Hubbard says he’s looking to determine the origin, cause and circumstances of the fire.

However, he’s not made any determinations and expects to be onsite through Wednesday evening and possibly into Thursday.

Damage to the building, visible from the outside includes a charred and smashed glass door and visible damage inside. They is also a clear smell of heavy smoke many hours after the flames were extinguished.

“The damage inside is not that significant. But it is a little tricky to uh come up with the actual area of origin and the cause of the fire,” Hubbard tells CTV.

An Alymer Police cruiser is guarding the scene until a cause is determined.

Yellow tape with the words ‘Crime Scene - Do Not Cross’ is stretched across the entire building.

It’s believed there were no injuries.