The provincial education minister is calling out a local MPP after comments he made Tuesday about parents choosing home schooling over the public education system because of the new sex-ed curriculum.

Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton spoke at a Parents' Alliance of Ontario gathering on Tuesday. The sessions offered options for parents upset with Ontario's sex ed curriculum.

He said, in part, "There are more and more people across Canada and in Ontario in particular that are looking at alternatives in education. There was a recent Fraser Institute report showing that in the last 10 years there's been a rise of 29 per cent in home schooling."

In an email Liz Sandals responded saying, "I’m surprised and disappointed that an elected member of the PC Party is actively encouraging parents to permanently remove children from Ontario’s public school system, simply because of his ideological opposition to updating the health and phys-ed curriculum."

She added, "All MPPs from all parties have a responsibility to work together to strengthen our public education system. Although PC Leader Patrick Brown has also spoken out against the updated curriculum, I’m calling on him to put a stop to Monte McNaughton’s efforts to weaken our public schools.”

Sandals accuses McNaughton of encouraging parents to remove their children from Ontario schools based on his own "ideological objections."