Police have wrapped their on-site investigation into Saturday's shooting near Clinton, Ont. but remain in the area and do not have any suspects in custody.

Sources say Don Frigo was shot and killed, and his wife Eva wounded, about a kilometre inside the boundary of the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

The pair were reportedly confronted by a gunman while out on horseback Saturday evening.

Fellow horse and dog owners say a light blue car was seen at Conservation Road and Wildlife Line driving away minutes before Eva arrived looking for help.

A muted police presence remains at the intersection though the Hullett Marsh has re-opened to outdoor enthusiasts.

Scott Austin, manager of the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area, says "The Friends of Hullett has been getting emails, lots of phone calls, 'Can we come there? Can we do this?' And it's business as usual out her now, and we're all happy about that."

But the police investigation hasn't been without its frustrations. A hunter was reprimanded for shooting his gun earlier in the week in the are, although police had told Hullett officials that some parts of the marsh were okay to be used.

Residents backing onto the property are glad the on-site investigation is complete, though they say more information about when the manhunt stopped and the search for evidence began would have been nice.

Austin says "Certainly the community was wondering, when an event like that happens in a small, rural place like this, but I think everybody's going to move on from this - and as little as we know - I think they have reasons for that."

Police say they continue to follow up on leads as they try to find the person who shot and killed Frigo and have announced a press conference on Friday to release additional details.