The Ontario Ombudsman’s office is looking further into a gathering of six London councillors and Mayor Joe Fontana at an eatery last February.

Several of the councillors have been summoned for a second interview about their actions at Billy T’s Tap and Grill.

Bud Polhill, Joe Swan, Stephen Orser, Dale Henderson, Paul Van Meerbergen and Sandy White were in attendance at Billy T’s.

Of the councillors CTV London was able to contact Friday, Ward 4’s Stephen Orser, who has been outspoken about the ombudsman, will be questioned again, as will Dale Henderson and the mayor.

Swan was not asked for another interview.

Orser isn’t happy about the investigation.

“I don't want to use the word retaliation against me for saying I'll have din din with whomever I want, but I will have din din with whomevery I want. The charter of rights clearly states I have the freedom of association.”

The councillors have said they were not discussing city business, but if it was, it would constitute and illegal meeting.

The second interviews will take place June 19.

The ombudsman, Andre Marin, says the costs of the second interviews will be absorbed into his existing budget, and they are necessary.

"We will not leave any stone unturned until we are satisfied that that evidence is unassailable. So if we need another round of interviews we do it."