The company that operates eight wind turbines near the Chatham-Kent Airport has filed a written objection after being order to remove the towers.

Transport Canada received the objection on July 29 from legal representatives on behalf of GDF Suez Canada Inc. The objection will now be reviewed by an impartial board.

GDF Suez filed the objection after the federal government order the company to remove the wind turbines near Cedar Springs by the end of the year. While near the Chatham Airport, the turbines were built in a no-fly zone.

The board will receive statements and documentation from both GDF Suez and Transport Canada.  The board will then make a decision on whether to give effect to the Suez objection.

Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope previously stated there is no safety concern with the turbine’s location.

CTV Windsor reached out to GDF Suez for comment, but our calls have so far gone unreturned.