LONDON, ONT. -- A nurse who practiced at St. Joseph's Health Care in London is facing a disciplinary hearing in connection with the alleged sexual abuse of a patient.

While she resigned in Aug. 2018, the College of Nurses of Ontario will be holding a disciplinary hearing on Feb. 7.

The nurse, who had been registered with the college since 1983, is accused of professional misconduct starting in the fall of 2017.

According to the hearing documents, she is alleged to have engaged in a personal relationship that included sexual relations with a client.

The college alleges that she engaged in personal, non-therapeutic contact with a patient while that person was still a client, including; driving the client in her vehicle, buying the client a phone, staying overnight with the client in the same hotel room, and allowing the client to stay overnight at her home.

If she has been found to have engaged in misconduct, the college could hand down a number of orders, including revoking registration, issuing a reprimand and fines.