LONDON, ONT. -- With the arrival of warmer weather, the OPP, Norfolk County Detachment remind pet owners not to leave their pets in an unattended motor vehicle.

Even when a vehicle is parked in the shade, it will still reach 32 degrees Celsius on a 26 degree Celsius day. In the sun on that same day, the temperature can reach 71 degrees Celsius inside the vehicle.

When surrounded by heat, cats and dogs can not cool themselves down, even while panting.

The Criminal Code of Canada has specific guidelines that deal with the mistreatment of animals including time in jail.

The maximum sentence for causing unnecessary suffering or injuring/endangering an animal is five years in jail.

Neglecting an animal could put you in jail for a maximum of two years.

Anyone who leaves an animal in an unattended motor vehicle can face a fine of $490 dollars.

If it's too hot and you are unable to take your pet out of the vehicle with you, it is best to keep them at home.