LONDON, ONT. -- London trivia enthusiast, Blair Cowie, used to love going to the pub with his friends for trivia night to battle it out Q-and-A style.

Since bars have closed, Cowie has had no choice but to get creative and go virtual.

By using the video conferencing app, Zoom, Cowie started his own professional style pub trivia night where friends and family can join in.

“I wanted to give my friends an escape from the awful situation that a lot of us are in right now. It really kind of snowballed,” Cowie says.

With his friend and host, Colin Szemenyei, virtual trivia started with six friends and now hosts over 50 households every Saturday night.

“It’s general trivia,” Szemenyei says, “everything short answer, multiple choice, we’ve got some music clips as well. I think Blair might introduce some movie clips next week to keep it fun and interesting for everyone.”

Cowie uses it as a way to interact with friends for a few hours, have a few drinks and laugh.

“Although it takes a bit of time to create, I think people would love trying this in their own communities and circles of friends,” Cowie says.