LONDON, ONTARIO -- It wasn’t how newlyweds Kate and Maria Spoto-Intzandt thought they would celebrate getting married.

“Spending our honeymoon in the hospital is just not, not something I will forget.” Says Kate Spoto-Intzandt

It was just a week after the two got married that Kate found out her ovarian cancer which she had been undergoing treatment for over the past year, has returned after a brief remission. 

“She got to ring the bell and there a great video of her dancing around and there was a scan in July and they said everything looked clear and they couldn’t see anything so we thought everything was going in the right direction.” Says Maria, Kate’s wife. 

Unlike the first time, Kate’s cancer has returned more advanced and aggressive. She’s been told she may only have months to live.

“Being without her, that’s a tough pill to even think about let alone swallow and that’s definitely where I have troubles the most.” Says Maria. 

For Kate, the reality of it all is devastating. 

“I would love for Maria and I to be moms.. I would love to give her that gift.”

For now, the couple is taking it one day at a time. Maria is off work in order to be with her wife and help take care of her.

Because of that, family and friends have created a go fund me page so that the two don’t have to worry about finances during this time.

A time that Kate says is so precious as they live through this journey together 

“There are no guarantees in cancer there are no promises and no promises of tomorrow so our day to day is based on hope.”

Donations can be made to their go fund me account.