LONDON, ONT. -- Madonna Delguercio had been struggling with bladder leaks for years, but an encouraging new treatment is now available.

“It’s to the point where if I went shopping I would have to scout out where the bathrooms were and on any kind of car trip I would pray and hope that if there was any accident that I was hiding it,” she says.

It’s been a problem that she visited her doctor about.

“It got to the point where I thought I would have to do something but the suggestion has always been go to a specialist and possibly have an operation.”

When Delguercio heard about UROSPOT, a new medical spa that takes a different approach to helping with incontinence, she decided to try it out. Especially because it was non-invasive and as easy as sitting in a specialized chair.

“The chair uses what’s called high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. So it creates a wave of electromagnetic energy that comes up through the chair,” explains UROSPOT's founder, Erin Craven.

“The energy is taking over that muscle and making it do the contractions and it does it at a rate and intensity that we could never do at our own. So it does 11,000 kegels in about 28 minutes.”

Craven also struggled with bladder leaks until she tried this exact treatment. She says she wanted to share the life-changing results with other women.

“For me, it was a cure and it completely changed my life and I thought, 'This has to be accessible to women.'”

Women like Delguercio, who says she’s not had a bladder leak since she completed her treatments.

“It’s just been freedom! Absolute freedom. Now I can go places and not have to worry.”

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