LONDON, ONT. -- City Hall is adding more than a dozen new short-term parking spots throughout downtown London to help businesses during the pandemic.

This is to allow identifiable locations for customers and food delivery drivers when making stops.

New signs are being installed at various locations in the core.

Map of new "park and pickup" locations

Map of new "park and pickup" locations in downtown London Ont. (Supplied)

“We’ve heard from businesses that they need clear and convenient areas for their customers and delivery services,” said Orest Katolyk, Chief Municipal Law Enforcement Officer in a news release.

“We’ve done our best to fill those requests, balancing the need for safety as well. In identifying these locations, we’ve considered pedestrian safety, transit, emergency services, traffic flow and accessibility,” he adds.

Tickets will still be issued to vehicles that impede traffic or are deemed as safety risks.

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