LONDON, ONT. -- The Middlesex-London Paramedic Service (MLPS) says their new multi-patient bus will allow better care for various patients and take some stress off 911 resources.

The new unit was unveiled Tuesday morning at their headquarters.

Neal Roberts, MLPS chief, explains the new bus will "support our services, whether it be a large-scale evacuation, a large multi-casualty incident where we have patients that require us to have more resources. Certainly this is an addition, but more importantly, this is about caring for the patients that we look after each and every day and making sure we have the tools."

The bus will be able to accommodate multiple patients as a support unit.

It will allow paramedics to provide care for several ill and injured patients in a more controlled setting.

The unit can also be used to transport the community’s most vulnerable citizens safely without putting additional stress on 911 resources.