A London company will be able to create a few new jobs and retain many more thanks to a $1-million investment from the provincial government.

At a Thursday morning news conference, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced funding for Brose, an automotive parts manufacturer, based out of London.

“Our support for London’s Brose plant will help them invest in new equipment to attract new business,” Wynne said. "The fact is we're competing globally and there are many, many other jursidictions that would happy to see us cede the field and let companies leave Ontario and go to those other jurisdictions. We're not going to do that."

The funding comes from the Southwestern Ontario Economic Development Fund means Brose will be able to create 20 new jobs and retain roughly 690 others.

Kapil Lakhotia, general manager at the London Economc Development Corporation says the German-based Brose has plants around the world, all looking to expand their operations.

"It's important for a municipality, for a province, for the feds to come together with unique programing to support companies in making the decision to invest in London, Ontario as opposed to other facilities in the world."

And Steve Wilkins, general manager of Brose's London facility, notes that 40 per cent of the materials that go into their seats come from local suppliers.

"Obiously as we grow then that gives opportunity for further growth in our supply base and our supply chain, which is important to our business here."

He adds that seat manufacturing is a growth area for Brose and London is seen as a location that will help develop new technologies for the division.

Wynne also addressed criticism earlier in the week from PC Leader Tim Hudak over a $700 million funding request from Chrysler to allow the automaker to re-tool Ontario operations.

"I believe the path the Tim Hudac would take us on, which would see government not partnering with the auto sector, I think it's just ridiculous. And I think it demonstrates a total lack of understanding of how the Ontario economy functions."