MIDDLESEX CENTRE, ONT. -- After more than a month outbreak-free, the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) has a declared a new COVID-19 outbreak.

The outbreak was declared Friday in University Hospital's U4 - Medicine 1 area, also known as 4IP.

LHSC says that fewer than five patients have tested positive, no staff or health-care providers are affected and there are no deaths associated with the outbreak.

Throughout the hospital, officials say they are caring for seven inpatients with COVID-19, while fewer than five staff have currently tested positive.

It was Feb. 3 when LHSC finally declared itself outbreak free for the first time since Nov. 10.

During that period there were 20 unit-level outbreaks between University Hospital and Victoria Hospital, involving 115 staff/physician cases, 94 patient cases and 31 deaths.