A traumatic bleed and how quickly it’s treated could mean the difference between life or death, and a new class aims to show people how they can help.

Stop The Bleed is being offered for free through London Health Sciences Centre to teach the public how to recognize and help someone in a traumatic bleed situation.

“We see bleeding trauma from workplace injuries...from farming injuries...motor vehicle crashes, especially motorcycle crashes," says Allison Armstrong, trauma coordinator for LHSC.

A group of medical professionals including nurses, surgeons and physician donate their time to teach the class.

“Having an empowered public who can recognize severe bleeding and can react to that in a timely fashion we know will save lives.”

Armstrong says a tragedy can take place anywhere, at any time and it’s important for people to know how to react

“A person can bleed out and die in as little as five minutes after a terrible extremity injury for example."

Participants are taught what to do if they stumble upon an emergency bleed situation.

The classes run once a month. For more information or to register you can email: trauma@lhsc.on.ca