Getting to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village and the Fanshawe Conservation Area should be easier for London residents this summer.

A new bus route is being offered to the area from July 1 until October 2.

Tourism London, the London Transit Service, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and the Fanshawe Pioneer Village announced London’s newest seasonal transit route, called “The Fanshawe Getaway”.    

“The introduction of this service will provide greater access for many Londoners to enjoy signature family, heritage, recreational and ecological attractions from Canada Day until Doors Open and Culture Days,” Chris Campbell, director of culture and entertainment tourism at Tourism London, said in a news release.

Irene Mathyssen, MP London-Fanshawe, says she is very happy the LTC has undertaken this pilot project to help make it easier for Londoners to visit this heritage.

“I hope its success will pave the way for future special seasonal transit services, that will enable more Londoners to take advantage of the many fun things to do in our community,” said Mathyssen.