LONDON, ONT. -- London-based tow truck operators are vowing to self-regulate and drive bad players out of the troubled industry.

The recently formed London Towing Association aims to drive unethical out-of-town trucks from the city.

“What they do is gouge the citizens of London. That’s what we are against,” says Dwayne Cameron of Clarke’s & Sturdy’s Services.

Cameron says London is plagued by so-called ‘chaser’ tow trucks that monitor scanners, race to collisions, and use high pressure sales tactics.

“There are people from Toronto coming to chase I London. It’s the truth,” says Fadi Ibrahim of Low Price Towing. “But if some tow truck companies aren’t following the rules, we shouldn’t be brushed with that same brush.”

Low Price Towing and Clarke’s and Sturdy’s are the founding members of the new association. Membership requires a long list of regulations, including:

• Standardized pricing

• Banning use of radio scanners

• A secure impound yard in London

• At least three safe & equipped trucks

Members must also hold a valid licensed from city hall if new business licensing rules are approved later this year.

Cameron says membership is poised to grow, “We have applications for three more members right now, and we have two more that are possibly willing to.”

Members hope that self-regulation will convince the London Police Services Board to let a contract with Ross’ Towing at the end of this year.

The new London Towing Association would prefer to have police rotate between members, or provide drivers involved in a collision with a list of credible companies.

Ross’ Towing is being invited to join the association.

London’s police board meets on June 18.