Horton Variety remains closed following the brutal attack of owner Rajaie al Shorafa Saturday evening inside his store.

Al’ Shorafa remains in critical condition in hospital.

According to neighbours, the area has been a gathering place for drug addicts in the past, but it was thought to be improving.

“I think what’s going on is this area is changing. There isn’t as many people who are drug addicts or whatever but there are still some," says Yazan El’ Shalabi of Shelby's Food Express, which is located across the street from the crime scene.

Police were close to the scene for a third straight day, canvassing the area for any information about the whereabouts of Jesse Aaron McConnell but police are also using the web to great effect in an attempt to apprehend the suspect.

“We have officers currently looking for this individual, and we are using social media as well to share the message as quick to as many people as possible. We’re using Facebook, Twitter, and the message, the image itself has been shared tens of thousands of times already," says London Cst. Sandasha Bough.

According to a published media report McConnell reached out to an ex girlfriend and confided in her that he was planning to flee the province.

“We’re encouraging members of the public if you do know of Jesse’s whereabouts, if you’ve seen him or if you have any information at all do not approach him and please give us a call," says Bough.

A gofundme campaign was started to support the family while Al Shorafa remains in hospital.

Shelby’s Food Express is also pledging $1 of every plate of food sold for the rest of the month to go to the family

“I hope he will be ok, you know what I mean. That’s the most important, and I hope all of London will support this cause and you know, we are all one family at the end of the day you know," says El’ Shalabi.

There is also a benefit concert planned for Nov. 3 at Call the Office.