MIDDLESEX CENTRE, ONT. -- London, Ont.-based TruCon has launched a new online platform to help construction and agriculture operations find available trucks to get the job done.

The goal for TruCon.app is to let truck owner/operators find and accept jobs, and contractors to instantly book and schedule trucks for the jobs they are doing.

Andrew Davies, CEO and founder of TruCon and a construction professional, said in a statement, “This is an industry that has been left behind by technology."

He continued, "Trucks are underutilized, and jobs are underserviced, despite the high demand, simply because the industry relies on picking up the phone to book trucks or find jobs. This leads to job delays, idle equipment and man-power, and limited visibility into what’s available on both sides.”

The new site allows users to set schedules and preferences and book the right equipment for any size job, in the hopes of avoiding costly delays.

Davies added, “It can be overwhelming on both sides of the industry – contractors don’t have enough trucks to complete jobs and owner/operators don’t have the connections to find work."

Currently free for all users, the service will eventually become subsciption-based.

It is now available in a beta version for southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.