Six London residents are facing 22 charges after London police searched two homes in the city on Thursday.

The Guns and Drugs Section, which includes London police and RCMP, searched homes on Proudfoot Lane and Cambridge Street, seizing over $80,000 worth of drugs.

Among the items seized were:

  • 469 grams crystal meth with an estimated value of $46,900
  • 338 grams cocaine with an estimated value of $33,800
  • four grams heroin with an estimated value of $1,400
  • two grams marijuana with an estimated value of $20
  • $6,000 in Canadian currency
  • a 2006 Dodge Charger
  • a 2007 Yamaha motorcycle

As a result of the investigation, 22 drug charges have been laid against six Londoners:

  • Adam Peltier, 31
  • Kirk Jesso, 27
  • Shawnique McKenzie, 23
  • Rudolph Deuchler-Rosenmier, 21
  • Alyssa Ferraro, 22
  • Kevin Lancaster, 37

Peltier, Jesso and McKenzie were being held in custody pending a court appearance on Friday, while Deuchler-Rosenmier, Ferraro and Lancaster were released with a court date set for late June.