LONDON, ONT. -- Almost 100 Western University students could face sanctions after some FOCO (Fake Homecoming) festivities were held on campus over the weekend.

Chris Alleyne, Western University’s associate vice-president of Housing & Ancillary Services says even though most student behaved, it is still discouraging.

“We are disappointed in the behaviour of some students in residence that required Campus Community Police Service attendance Saturday night, “ said Alleyne. “This behaviour resulted in two fines and approximately 100 referrals to Western’s Code of Student Conduct.”

The university says caretaking staff have been cleaning and sanitizing residences Monday, as part of the health and safety strategy to increase cleaning from five days a week to seven.

They say as the pandemic continues and they must remain vigilant in the fight against COVID-19.

Dr. Chris Mackie, medical officer of health at the Middlesex-London Health Unit says despite the behaviour by some, it was far better than other years.

“The fact there were some students partying in their dorm, from a public health perspective, that’s far better than 20,000 in the street,” Mackie said.