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NDP Leader visits Woodstock, Ont. ahead of by-election

From London, Ont. to Norwich and around Oxford County, the NDP Leader was side by side with the party's candidate for the June 19 by-election.

“He's an amazing voice in the community. Lives in Ingersoll, associate professor at the university and somebody who's going to be a strong voice. And I want people here in Oxford, Oxford County, the city of Woodstock, to know your Democrats are here for you. We're fighting for you,” Jagmeet Singh said of the Oxford County NDP MP candidate Cody Groat.

With a strong foothold in London, the NDP believe their influence could filter out eastward into Oxford County in this by-election, turning a riding that has been blue for over two decades.

“One thing that we've seen, which is really interesting, is we have sort of a disenfranchised Conservative party here locally,” said Groat. “We have some Liberals who are questioning the trajectory of their government right now. And we have a lot of people turning to our campaign saying that we are the ones who are strong and steady and we're ready to advocate for the needs of this community.”

The direst needs of the community, according to the mayor of Woodstock, is something that is affecting cities across the country.

“I would definitely have to say the biggest issues, housing. You know, a lot of people are looking for a home, an affordable home being the key word,” said Mayor Jerry Acchione. “You know, being apartments, condos, townhouses, you know as well as single family homes.”

This is the second national party leader in as many days to visit the area showing the level of interest in this race.

“I think a few weeks ago, people were saying that this race was a given. But I think what we've seen right now is that everything is up for grabs. This is the best chance to flip Oxford in a generation and a lot of instances. And I think having Jagmeet here is proof that we are invested in this race,” said Groat.

Other Candidates for the June 19 by-election are Cheryle Baker for the Greens, Liberal David Hilderley, Arpan Khanna is the Conservative nominee, John Markus for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, and Wendy Martin representing the People's party of Canada. Top Stories

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