LONDON, ONT. -- My Sisters’ Place is hoping to establish a clinic to help its clients deal with medical needs.

The facility on Dundas Street is known as a haven for women in our community dealing with homelessness, violence, substance abuse and extreme poverty.

Julie German is a nurse practitioner who has treated some of the women.

“ A lot of times in their life history, they've haven’t been supported, they've been abused, they've felt left out, lost, “ says German. “When a woman is supported we can help them re-develop their life again.”

Karna Trentman is the Director of Community Services at My Sisters’ Place and she says the clinic is important.

“I think it can be life-saving, “ says Trentman. “There have been situations in the last couple of years where our staff are really concerned about a woman who's really ill, but often the woman is reluctant to have them call 911, because they've experienced stigma and judgemental treatment when they access traditional health care.”

To raise money for the clinic a GoFundMe page has been established.

“We're hoping to raise 6 thousand dollars, and that is to purchase the equipment we need to put into our clinic.” says Trentman.

German hopes the clinic will take shape once COVID restrictions are eased for My Sisters’ Place.

“It is a vital program and so beneficial to our community.” adds German.