LONDON, ONT. -- Forest City London Music Awards (FCLMA) Week kicks off tonight with an eight-day, 20 event virtual festival.

"It's our biggest London Music Week Ever, even though it's virtual," says Mario Circelli, founder of the FCLMA.

"The week is jam-packed with great events, showcasing musicians from our area and then the Hall of Fame inductions are Tuesday."

This year's class of inductees are Johnny Stevens and the Canadians, Earl Heywood, Lara St. John, Paul MIlls and B.W. Pawley and Plum Loco.

The week kicks off Sunday evening on Facebook with the Classical, Jazz and World Gala.

"It's disappointing that we can't pat each other on the back physically and hug each other and gather in one room," says Circelli.

"The last show that we did we had just under 1200 People at the wonderful London Musical Hall and and it's it's difficult because this is for all intensive purposes it's a lot more work. However we're committed to celebrating and honoring musicians from London and southwestern Ontario, and we didn't like the option of doing nothing. So we're still celebrating and curating for a city London Music Week, and tune in because you will be impressed with the show."