At the second-degree murder trial of William Dwayne McDonald, the jury heard about a bloody scene found after the east end shooting.

Emmanuel Awai, 26, was found the night he was shot to death in a Connaught Avenue apartment.

Marchell Davis testified Wednesday that his daughter woke him up the night of Dec. 28, 2016 after hearing gunshots or fireworks.

Davis says he rushed to help Awai, a friend, "I just woke up and ran out the door."

When he got to the apartment he says, "I pushed the door in and when I walked into the kitchen I saw Emmanuel."

He said he saw a pool of blood but not the injuries, “I was pumping on his chest...he was lying on his back and I call 911."

Awai died of two shots to the head.

McDonald, 28, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the case.

The jury was also shown a video of the victim and the accused hanging out and playing pool just days before the shooting.

During cross-examination defence lawyer David Stoesser questioned Davis about his friend asking.

He asked, “You know Emmanuel was dealing coke or crack?” Davis responded, "That's your assumption...I didn't know that."

The Crown's case resumes on Thursday.

The trial began Tuesday and is expected to last four weeks.