The first-degree murder trial of two London men charged in the 2011 shooting death of Said Hadbai began on Monday.

Two friends, Drai O'Hara-Salmon and Jermaine Phillips are both charged with first degree murder in the case, and a London jury was told that a love triangle turned deadly.

The jury heard how a shotgun blast rang out from a Richmond Street parking lot in the early hours of Dec. 27.

Ryan Cassidy was working as a doorman across the street at Jack's Bar. He testified that he was one of the first who rushed to find the victim, 20-year-old Said 'Sean' Hadbai, gasping for air.

"[Hadbai] walked forward and fell on his back. We lifted his shirt up and saw the wound in his chest...I saw four individuals running on Richmond, black males, one with dreads."

Cassidy told the court that before the gunfire there had been a fist fight.

The jury has also heard that the Crown will show that O'Hara-Salmon texted Phillips to come downtown that night and that he showed up with a duffle bag containing a shotgun.

Earlier the court heard that the victim and O'Hara-Salmon had an interest in the same girl. She's expected to testify later this week.

In his opening address, Crown attorney Peter Rollings said he will show that the girl - Brittney Knowles - received a letter from O'Hara-Salmon professing his love despite Hadbai's involvement with her.

Rollings said O'Hara-Salmon wrote, "Sometimes I drive around to find your man to wet him up. I want to f*** him up, I'm not going to lie, he took you away from me."

The trial is slated to last four to six weeks.