A south London neighbourhood is still in shock after a murder-suicide was discovered on Friday.

Residents of an Old South apartment building say they heard loud and distressful moans that evening, leaving them very disturbed.

Matthew lives in the building and says shortly before 6 p.m. he heard the sound of a man wailing outside a fifth floor apartment, the same apartment where a woman's body was found.

"We were just watching TV and we heard someone run down the hall and then just some yelling, well, it sounded like someone was screaming. I recognized he was speaking Arabic and yelling, but other than that he was just screaming for quite some time."

He says he recognized a few words the man was crying, which included "come" and "go."

The noise was so loud and frightening he says he and a friend ensured their apartment door was secure.

The screaming came from the same area where police discovered a body, shortly before finding another not far away.

After the body of a woman was found in an apartment in the 71 Grand Ave. building, the body of a man was found in the Miriam Tire & Auto Repair shop at 201 High St., just a few blocks away.

Const. Alana Hollywood explains they took extra precautions before moving in at the auto shop, including officers with guns drawn.

"Well at that point, with the discovery of the deceased person [at the apartment], we were unsure at that point of the cause of death, or whether it was actually a homicide, or what the circumstances were. So, using all necessary precautions in entering the business, in case there was an armed individual there."

London police say the two were "known to each other," but have not released any information on cause of death or a possible motive.

However, police have said autopsies conducted over the weekend confirmed the situation was a murder-suicide.

One neighbour tells CTV News the auto shop is named after one of the dead, but police are not releasing the names of those involved at the request of the family.