London's Mount Hope Centre of Long Term Care on Grosvenor Street has been named as the facility where numerous incidents of elder abuse took place by the hands of a former nurse.

Last month, details of abuse suffered by 19 residents were made public, as former nurse Susan Muzylowsky admitted to a disciplinary committee that she abused some patients sexually, over an eight-month period.

Muzylowsky was employed at Mount Hope between Oct. 2008 and Sept. 2014.

Previously, the Ontario College of Nurses didn't release the name of the facility where Muzylowsky was employed.

She was a registered practical nurse until she resigned in December of 2015.

During her tenure at Mount Hope, Muzylowsky called residents "pigs" and "whiners."

She also touched or spanked six residents on the buttocks and frequently made derogatory comments in describing residents' genitalia.

On three occasions Muzylowsky rolled a 92-year-old woman over in a rough manner, causing the elderly woman pain.

She also refused pain and Parkinson's medication for other residents.

The college determined that, on one occasion, Muzylowsky said to a resident, "You haven't seen rough yet. I'll give you something to cry about. Quit being a sissy."

Originally, College of Nurses instituted a publication ban surrounding Mount Hope's identity to protect the abused residents' personal information.

In a news release Wednesday, Dr. Gillian Kernaghan, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care said, "Mount Hope has zero tolerance for abuse and neglect of residents. The conduct of the former employee is completely unacceptable and we deeply regret this behaviour took place in our facility. We apologize for the distress this incident has caused residents and families as well as our staff and the community."

Muzylowsky has since permanently resigned as a member of the Ontario College of Nurses.

With files from The Canadian Press