A London woman is sharing her worries that her adult son is falling through the cracks of the mental health system.

Over the weekend the 35-year-old man went on a destructive rampage inside her home after he was released from hospital.

Linda Ludwar says she’s going public with his struggles to try to get him the help she believes he needs.

“My pain is in thinking, what was happening in my son’s head when all this transpired…what he's been going through…the pain.”

Ludwar’s son has struggled with mental illness for many years, but she says his symptoms have escalated in the last year with psychotic episodes and even suicide attempts.

She says he reached out on his own to a psychologist, but was told he would need to be referred and should follow up with his family doctor.

“When you think you're a werewolf one day…Jesus the next, the last thing on [your] mind would be to make an appointment with the family doctor.”

She thinks this incident could have been avoided had the mental health system not failed her son.

On Saturday her son was pulled over for dangerous driving in Tillsonburg, he was taken to Woodstock General Hospital by police when they realized he had mental health issues.

Even though she was told he was delusional, he was released, but when she took him home things spiralled out of control.

Woodstock hospital can't comment on the incident, but released a statement from the director of Emergency Services and Outpatient Clinic on mental health protocol in the emergency department.

Heidi Dantes said, “A crisis nurse...conducts an assessment of the patient. An emergency physician also conducts an assessment and together with the crisis nurse, determine if the patient will be admitted or discharged."

After the incident in her home her son was taken to a London hospital where he waited for two days before finally being admitted.

Ludwar says her son needs proper diagnosis, medication and therapy – and more funding is needed for mental health in general.

“I don’t want any more young people to suffer…We are all entitled to have a good life and my son has had none of that.”

To make matters worse, because her son is a resident at her home, her insurance company will not cover the cost of the damage.