London police have laid charges against 25 men following a month’s long operation targeting human trafficking in the city.

London police were also looking to make contact with women involved in the sex trade in order to offer assistance. Of 56 women contacted, two victims were able to get help and get out of the trade.

“The primary focus of Project Circuit was to make personal contact with women involved in the sex trade and to offer assistance so it was really an overwhelming success,” said Detective David Ellyatt, head of the Human Trafficking Unit in a release.

The majority of women were from London, and the ages ranged from 16 to 41 years old. Some of those involved were high school and post-secondary students.

The women and girls were offered assistance through police victim services and local women’s support groups. They were also offered backpacks that contained clothing, toiletries, and gift cards to assist in getting them home.

Several ‘john stings’ were conducted as part of the project.

The 25 men are facing charges including:

  • Obtaining sexual services for consideration (22 charges)
  • Trafficking a person under the age of 18 (1 charge)
  • Dangerous driving (1 charge)
  • Driving while disqualified (1 charge)
  • Mislead police (1 charge)