It's believed to be the largest number of animals ever rescued from a single location by the Humane Society of London and Middlesex.

When humane society staff arrived at a Woodstock motel on Friday, they thought they were dealing with about 80 cats. But that number almost doubled as rescue efforts continued throughout the day.

Now the effort turns to getting 151 cats ready for adoption.

The rescued cats remain in isolation so they can get the care they need and adapt to their new environment.

Steve Ryall, Humane Society of London and Middlesex Executive Director, say it appears the cats are in good condition and credit humane society staff for the how the situation was handled.

“An emotional day, personally for me, to see the training and expertise of our staff go to work and take on something we've never seen before. My understanding, the most animals we've ever removed from a situation is around 70. So it was neat to see those plans that we've built follow through so well,” says Ryall.