Residents of an 11-story apartment building in northeast London found themselves without elevators again on Tuesday, less than a day after they’d finally been repaired.

At 573 Mornington Avenue, the second – and only – working elevator broke down on Friday and while both were repaired on Monday, they were out of service for much of the day again on Tuesday.

By late Tuesday afternoon, both elevators had been repaired, but the situation has left residents frustrated.

Donna Munro lives on the seventh floor. She needs a walker, so when the elevators are stuck so is she.

“I’m not going up seven flights of stairs unless I have to, with a little bit of help,” she says. So she spent a lot of time Tuesday in the lobby, waiting for the elevators to be repaired.

An ongoing strike by elevator workers means getting elevators repaired is a slow process, and there are currently no talks planned to fix the situation.

Ninety-three-year-old resident Edna Thompson, who had to walk down 12 flights of stairs Tuesday, says she doesn’t much care for the strike.

“I like to go out by myself, be independent, and I can’t do that any longer…I think they’re crazy. I think they should be thankful they have a job frankly.”