London police say they have seized weapons and laid a number of charges in connection with the Madison Avenue standoff.

Officers were called in just before 11 a.m. on Monday after a sheriff attended 113 Madison Ave. to evict the occupant but he refused to leave.

Police also received information that the man was armed with a crossbow and prepared to use force.

With the assistance of the OPP, the standoff was finally resolved peacefully 24 hours later, with 46-year-old Peter Muir arrested for breach a probation.

Police continued to search the home following the man's arrest on Tuesday and found:

  • a crossbow and multiple crossbow arrows
  • a pellet pistol and two silencers for the pistol
  • 23 marijuana plants valued at $23,000
  • 2,184 grams of marijuana bud valued at $2,184

As a result, additional charges have been laid against Muir including:

  • uttering threats of death
  • two counts of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose
  • unauthorized possession of a prohibited device
  • unlawfully produce a Schedule II substance
  • possess Schedule II substance for the purpose of trafficking

London police are expressing their appreciation to the community in the area for their patience and understanding during the investigation.

They are also thanking the OPP for their assistance.