After being in custody for more than two years and facing a charge of second degree murder, 26 year old Mohamed Sail walked out of the London courthouse a free man.

Surrounded by family and supporters a jury took less than two hours to find him not guilty.

The family and friends of Jeremy Cook sobbed openly as the verdict was read out.

Throughout the trial the defence argued that sail wasn't the man who shot 18 year old Jeremy Cook but rather it was Muhab Sultan.

In June of 2015 Cook had lost his cellphone and tracked it down to the McDonalds on Highbury Ave near Cheapside in a car driven by Sultan the other suspect in this case.

Cook was dragged to a parking lot at Highbury and Huron and shot to death.  Sultan fled London and was eventually tracked down in Ottawa. He drowned in the Rideau river trying to evade officers.