A London couple charged with confining and assaulting their roommate, who has a developmental delay, were back in court Monday.

Jonathon Rick and Cynthia Anderson have pleaded not guilty in connection with a number of assault- and sexual assault-related charges.

The pair were arrested in August 2011, after their roommate was found with severe cuts and wounds.

The woman told police she was burned with hot water, beaten, whipped and forced into unwanted sexual activity.

Rick and Anderson were convicted, but a new trial was ordered after the victim's brother stepped forward with new information.

In a surprising twist, the court heard Monday the victim is now recanting her story, saying her injuries were self-inflicted.

Still, in her opening statement, Crown attorney Laurie Tuttle spoke of the horror the unidentified victim lived through in a south London apartment.

"Both Anderson and Rick boiled water and poured it on her. Then she was hit with different objects from around the apartment."  

Tuttle said the victim was punished for not performing sexual acts to their satisfaction.  "She was sexually assaulted by both Anderson and Rick." 

Photos shown in court Monday showed that the victim suffered severe injuries all over her body including her legs, back and neck.

Anderson and Rick both remain in custody. 

The trial is expected to last two weeks.